Driven, Creative, Focused

About Layer23

Layer23 are a multi-disciplinary web design company specialising in design, development and ecommerce, based in Gateshead. For the last 5 years we’ve worked with some of the most successful smaller business in the North East to help develop and transform their businesses online.

We’d love to work with you and if you feel the same way use our contacts and let's see if we can create something special together.

The Process

We aren’t going to claim to be the biggest or the best, what we do claim, we aren’t like other agencies and web companies out there. Our approach is simple, we focus on understanding your company so we can deliver a product that is tailored to your needs and helps you hit your targets and goals. Keeping you up to date and as close to the project from start to finish is key to the success, no one knowns your business like you.

  • Research


A review of your current website, how you and your customers use it to identify any areas that lack forces or can be developed. We will look at competitor websites and explore potential customer trends. We will work closely with you to throughout this stage to create a project brief.

  • Plan


Create the entire plan which will guide us along the web project and will also keep you aware of what is happening and when. This will put us in great shape for delivering the rest of the project.

  • Design


Mockups of the website design are created including wireframes and mood boards; these will give you an overall feel for how the site will look. We use all the research we have gained from you and the market helping to produce a web solution that is effective.

  • Develop


Here we build your web solution; bring to life your vision and our ideas. Responsive website designs as standard for all content management and ecommerce solutions. Testing, testing and more testing allows us to ensure that the project works and is ready to go live.

  • Live


Project is ready to be launched onto a live platform ready for the public to access. Training of the application is done to ease the handover as well as support. A review with the client to make sure all is working and future plans are discussed.

  • Monitor


Integration of analytics tools into all our web solutions provide great monitoring of the websites for general usage by the client, also allowing for campaign setups.