What is a responsive web design?

New modern web design or websites often get labeled with the term responsive design. But what is responsive design?

Due to the massive shift in how we access the web from tablets and mobile devices it become clear that past website designs weren’t going to be suitable for viewing on smaller resolution screens. Yes most small screen did allow you to zoom in but the whole feel just didn’t seem right.

One solution that was adopted was to create a mobile version of you website; this allowed you to render different content for mobile devices which had its benefits. For example you could tailor content and features exactly for mobile audiences however there were some issues that most agree outweigh the benefits. Creating an entirely different website cost more money and no one likes spending money they don’t need to. Then you had the time issue, maintenance of two sites takes a lot longer.

After this we had developments with HTML5 and an alternative solution know as responsive design was created. This allowed a website to display the same content to all devices, unlike before the site would respond to the screen resolution and then style the content so that it was more user friendly. Another development was to get rid of the standard menu, making it collapsible to allow your content to fill more of the screen.

Useful tools have sprung up to make designing and building responsive web sites easier. Layer23 use two open source frameworks in WordPress and Prestashop and combine them with HTML5 to build our web applications. The site you are looking at user responsive design with HTML5 techniques.

If you’re looking to build your own website or if you’re getting in a web designer make sure you site is able to be access from all devices.