Is your website ready for Google’s mobile-friendly update?

Here in the UK as of 25th May, Google will only return mobile and responsive sites within its search results on mobile devices. This maybe a surprise to some but it’s something we thought would happen this year.

What does it all mean for website owners? Well simply put, if your website isn’t mobile friendly it WILL NOT appear in the search results and potentially loosing sales and customers. So that customer browsing for the perfect Father’s Day present on her iPhone will not see your Store that sell’s great gifts for Dad’s so can you really afford not to be mobile-friendly?

This may be hard to take for website owners, but don’t worry you can get mobile friendly, all our latest websites are HTML5 responsive websites, but if you’re not ready to go all out and start revamping your site we can still help with custom mobile sites, created just for mobile and tablet devices.

Still not sure, well why not test it out for yourself, google the products you sell and check out a website that is mobile-friendly then visit yours and see the difference or why not check out the official google link for checking your site;